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 About Me

My name is Ibrahim Malik Solomon Auguste. I was born in NYC in the spring of '93. I grew up in physically, emotionally & mentally abusive households in NYC & Baltimore, Maryland, which cemented my quest for peace in this life at a young age.

At the age of 8 after my father passed away. I realized that I was very detached from my surroundings due to my upbringing. Realizing that I didn't enjoy the pain that I was experiencing at the time, I started my journey for peace of mind.

 Growing up in Baltimore was rough & traumatic. Throughout grade school I had experienced the deaths of many friends, from either murder or suicide, & being robbed at gun point by 5 men while walking to school. I was transferred from school to school to find a better environment but none of them really helped. I found an escape to help cope with the pain of the outside world & constant series of traumatic & dramatic changes. 

I found my peace in Japanese comic books (Manga) that talked about spiritual energy, healing the body, and enduring hardships to become a better person in the sake of peace. After years of studying real life subtle energy techniques that manga taught me I attended my first yoga class at 19. 

Offering a challenge to my body, mind, & spirit, I fell in love with the physical practice of yoga. A few years later in 2017 at 24, my ambition for authenticity led me to India, where I deepened my spiritual, mental, & emotional practice. I gained formal yoga training, through a one month 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC).

Since then I have dedicated my self to my practice. Yoga has proven to be a therapeutic and holistic lifestyle change while promoting a safe space for self healing, love, & peace, on the mat as well as off the mat.

I was featured on Good Morning America to talk about the positive effects of yoga on mental health in the P.O.C. community. Check out the video below!

My Mission: To train the body, mind, and spirit to align with ones highest purpose.  

My Creedo: - As the mind. So the Body.- 

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