Psilocybin Salad

July 2016

The larger meeting for the Collective was over so the smaller group of 5 or so that remained went to a Restaurant called The Seasoned Vegan in Harlem. I had a salad with avocado to keep my stomach light & energy up, cuz these guys were about to go on a adventure. We made our way into the Central Park North train station & as I’m eating my salad with my bare hands the Harmonizer walks to me & sprinkles some dust on my food.

He’s standing uncomfortably close, grinning while looking me in the eye. I stopped for a few seconds wondering what in the fuck did he just sprinkle on my food & why did he think it was ok? I had to feel out the vibe & respond with the proper response because defensive instinct told me to punch him in the face if this was a prank.

With a long awkward moment of eye contact & invasion of personal space I felt no malice & his demeanor told me “you’ll thank me later”. I guess he assumed that I knew about psilocybin and honestly I didn’t, outside of a random hippie stereotype. I weighed the possible outcomes of whether to throw the salad away or accept the invite to a new plane of consciousness. In the back of my mind those peer pressure anti drug commercials flashed in my mind.

I continued to eat my salad, realizing the life decision I just made would have significant ripples throughout my life. He told me that he got some mushrooms & wanted to share with us. Then later goes back to eating his bag of, what was now dust. We hopped on the 2 to ride to downtown. They started to sing & dance, the Harmonizer did his thing & started toning. Other people on the train looked at us but they weren’t surprised because they normally see crazy shit day to day.

The first time he had done toning in the park I felt it, but was more like a vocal work out, but this time it hit different. I started to actually feel the vibrations coming from him & it awakened my sensitivity to hearing & feeling. I became aware of various tones in the area; the hum of the AC on the train, the vibration from the train speeding up. When the doors opened there was a loud hum that I could feel through my ears. As the train rode on I started to toning to match the different vibrations that I felt & heard. The awakening was magical.

I also noticed that I started to feel happier in a real euphoric way. The feeling wasn’t intense but it was noticeable. At the time I had realized that my senses had been enhanced & melded together by a

friendly micro dose. It felt like gained a mystical super power. This would be a colorful start of a beautiful summer....

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