Character Bio - Buddha

Here is a character profile for one of the main characters in a story that I am currently creating. 📝

The story so far…..

When forced genocide goes wrong, the only survivors are those who have a beneficial relationship with their melanin. ☀️

Four eclectic, wealthy & powerful yogis try to rebuild a society within a school with the science of yoga. . . 🧘🏾‍♂️ “

I got the physical character design from my friend @shawnj_moore who I view as a pretty dope person. The other elements of this characters design are inspired from listening to “Unbelievable’ by biggie smalls & Vibrate by Andre 3000. I wondered what if there was “biggie Buddha” one who has experienced both sides & chooses to rock on the higher vibration of things. Also there is a tab bit of Dr.Strange magic to this character design. With great respect this design could be compared to Wong but not as a side kick, but as a master who is on a similar path of life. ✨

Buddha is an African American male who’s lives in Atlanta, but grew up in some of the roughest parts of America. His upbringing essentially catapulted his quest for something higher, resulting in him discovering yoga via mantras & meditation. Buddha is in his early 30’s, teaching & hosting seminars in Atlanta colleges on Sound therapy, sound bathing, & yoga nidra. This is in fact how he made his fortune, being relatable & truly shining in his craft. He has become an influential, powerful & impactful force in the yoga community. 🔊

Name: Buddha ( Shaun Moor)

Discipline: Yoga, Meditation, Mantras, Yantras,

Skills & Techniques:

  • Sound Barrier & Shielding - Harmonizing & with frequency comprehension he can put up a nigh impenetrable sound barrier. ( around a person, group, building etc.) 🔊

  • Sound Bath & Cleansing - His exceptional skills with crystal singing bowls, his playing can shed thick & toxic energies from the aura (outer) & soul (inner), to keep them light & high vibrational 🛁 🔊

  • Sound Healing - Can realign chakras & the soul (inner) as well as balance the gunas from playing his music & being in his presence 💆🏾💆🏾‍♀️🔊

  • Frequency Comprehension - Can tap into the natural frequency of any living (sentient) being & amplify or nullify the frequency ( extraordinary at partnered magic, music & techniques) 📻

Personality: Joyful when centered in doing what he loves, knowledgeable about music, fiction books, manga, comics & video games. oft natured & very strong. People often try to take more than what is offered from him so the “biggie vibe“ comes out to protect his peace, Buddha enjoys being around eager students & people who want to absorb his teachings. He truly is a kind & eclectic man, willing to help others in need the best he can. His aura is one of profound grounding & peace, soft yet serious. His approach to things are truly compositional. ”Everything has a rhythm. Just tap in to hear it”

Likes: crystals, manga, comics, books, good composed music, good food, money, schedules, composition, structure, balance, practicality.

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