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Updated: Aug 13

Here is a character profile for one of the main characters in a story that I am currently creating. 📝

The story so far…..

“When forced genocide goes wrong, the only survivors are those who have a beneficial relationship with their melanin. ☀️

Four eclectic, wealthy & powerful yogis try to rebuild a society within a school with the science of yoga. . . 🧘🏾‍♂️ “

I got the physical character design from my friend @thecaramelyogi who is very inspiring to me. The other elements of this characters design are inspired from when I took a road trip through Canada, visiting Oneonta New York in the fall of 2018. 🍁

Orenda is a native Iroquois woman who is a few hundred years old but appears to be in her mid 20’s. Orenda made the first comfortable shoes in her part of the world (North America) in the 1500’s & is a billionaire who lives in Oneonta Ny in seclusion working on & innovating her new inventions. 🪶

Name: Orenda Teneca Halona - (Iroquois meanings) Magic power, one with self restraint, happy fortune.

Discipline: Yoga, Bramacharya, Satvic living, Cobbler.

Skills & Techniques:

  • Technology Mastery - specifically footwear, she created her first comfortable & affordable shoes (& build her fortune) based off the oldest shoes in North America the Sagebrush bark Sandals dating back to 8000 bc. 🥾

  • Eternal Youth & Heightened Senses - Due to her retention of knowledge from her intimate knowledge & mastery over sexual energy (bramacharya) techniques, they keep her fountain eternally youthful & senses sharp (Taoist Sexual Techniques) 💃🏽

  • Fine tuned palate/Medical Intuition - She can diagnose a persons overall health in their stride. She can taste & identify all ingredients in a dish or person. (She often licks & smells to get a an intimate understanding of what to build them.) 🌿

  • Essential oil & scent mastery - is able to change someone’s mood by her changing her natural body odor to any plant she’s ingested (i.e lady’s slipper, anise, rose, wormwood, ashwaganda.) 🍃

Personality: She has a holistic approach on how she solves everything & always turns to nature for inspiration. Reserved generally when in public & alone in leisure. But when it comes to the things she’s passionate about, she’ll bust out into orgasmic joy & direct all of her senses on the task at hand until it’s finished. She is very compassionate, strong, resouceful & wise. Her aura is one of true natural magic & grace. Most people freak out & get star struck her in her presence because of her inner beauty demeanor.

Likes: Observing people, & taking notes on how they can improve the functionality of their technology, spending time in nature, drinking tea, solitude, creating new footwear, discussing optimal efficiency by use of tools, creating.

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