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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Jun 17th 2016 - July 2016

Even at a place where I thought I was safe, I found my self chasing my shadow to avoid the unpleasant reality that I was in danger.

After landing in the city of my birth, I needed time to adjust. But that time wasn't granted to me at the place where i thought i was safe. I had to make that time & space, so I wandered around NYC. One of my favorite pastimes in this life. I love feeling the getting charged up by electric energy on the island of manaháhtaan.

I love getting to see the overwhelming wonder of travelers, synchronizing to the hums of the subway rides, smelling the trash & hearing the casual swear phrase, tuning my nervous system to the aggressive traffic, and being open to whatever beautiful person happens to exchange a lifetime of experience with in quick glance of a New York Minute, and always paying a visit to Electric Lady Studios & Greenwich village to pay homage to Master Hendrix.

Around of the end of my wandering for that day, I happened to meet a man who lived in the neighborhood I grew up in. He needed help with moving these 10 foot 2x4 for an art project, he made an offer to pay me & I accepted it. So I spent the rest of my Solar Return helping a very welcoming stranger & I felt very happy. We ended up sharing a beer & watched a movie, after having a rough few months this act of generosity restored my hope in life, giving me the hope to push forward in uncertain times.

For the rest of the month I continued to wandered the city hopelessly looking for a connection, a person, a family? But as the universal law has it, “what you are seeking is seeking you.” I had been following some NY natives in IG quite sometime & one of them sent me a link to a Conscious Collective meeting in Central Park. I had no expectations on what to expect but it felt right.......

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