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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

July 2016 Central Park, New York New York

Taking up the offer to join the meeting at Central Park, I was overwhelmed with joy because I found a group of people who I connected with on a different level. There were a bunch of people from different backgrounds, who knew different things. I felt like I found my people.

This was really a healing moment due to the fact that the last few months had been stressful as fuck, pushing me into survival mode. I got to experience that I was not alone & that my talents, abilities & mannerisms weren’t strange. Here was a place where I could pull out all of my magic & practice among people who were interested in the same topics as me.

Being able to share information that I’d studied for years on, crystal grid, crystal healing, & chakras, I received so much more than I bargained for; I was introduced to Harmonics, chakra toning, ascended masters. I was also introduced to how to make shields & barriers, protective spells & techniques, potions to provide energy & extend life.

There was so much to take in... sooo many people that naturally I connected with & at the same time was repelled by the energy of others. I was also able to see peoples true intentions by observing how they interacted with each other. Some people were imposters; some were genuinely curious; some were truly gifted; others were overwhelmed just like I was but still keeping a guard up.

I was uber aware of how I felt after & during interacting with every one. During a conversation I realized that my energy was being drained by a energy vampire. This vampire was very dapper, super charismatic, tall, dark & handsome with a beautiful smile. Once I got good look at their soul, I saw that there was something missing. A dark & deep void hungering for what ever was the most vibrant energy in the area. This type of event was a literal buffet for the vampire. I knew that I had cracks in my auric field & I wasn’t in a rush to plug them, but this encounter made me realize how important it is to not get caught slipping energetically. Luckily enough, I knew a few simple tricks to combat all of my energy from being drained.

Amongst the beings that gave me bad vibes in general, this occasion is most memorable & plunged me into being extra vigilant about who I spent time with. I could only take in so much information & new people at a time, I had to take a few breaks to recharge & ground myself. So by the time the day was near I had vibed with just about everyone there and the sum of the people I had really vibed with became my tribe. . .

Group Chakra Toning - Photo Credit Bleu Rose Photography

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