The Expected Phone Call

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Location: Owings Mills Movie Theater, May 5th, 2016

My friends & I just arrived to the Movie theater in Owings Mills to see the prerelease of Capitan America Civil War. A movie that we had all been waiting to see, specifically we wanted to see some over due screen time for The Black Panther. We arrive at the theater & I get phone call. A one sided non logical order that I couldn’t fulfill. I attempted to vocalize my side of the event that seemed to trigger this call, but like always my voice is rudely disregarded. I don’t give the caller the chance to say anything else illogical so I hang up mid call, deciding to take back my independence. This event is where I would draw the line & not be taken advantage of anymore. This also a decision that would start one of the roughest periods of my life.

My Haitian ancestors knew when enough was enough, but the price of freedom & liberation was costly. I would soon learn that as well in my own way. This had been one to many calls for misdirected projections, unrealistic request, and spiteful side shots for me to just brush off. I felt like I was being set up, & there was no way to win, so I turned my phone off & enjoyed the movie. After we left I returned home, where the energy was too quiet. I didn’t like it, it felt like the storm of the century was coming. I mentally prepared myself for what I was feeling.

Laster that night the caller wanted to have a face with “talk” with me. My gut was turning & flipping giving me all of the warning signs of masked danger. I wasted time before heading downstairs. Arriving to the desired location guarded and alert, I'm having an internal battle trying not to snap from the pressure.

The setup for these “talks” have been the same for as long as I can remember & they always turned out the same, one sided & oppressive. The rhetorical question, that has a logical explanation. The response of the actual truth. The denial of the events I experienced. The questioning of my intelligence & lack of “apparent” compassion that I have. The berating of my masculinity & emotional manipulation, followed up with a handful of insults that really reflected how they felt about themselves & their lovers. And finally the extreme punishment.

This time I was fed up, I wanted to be heard so I voiced my experiences.


I kept my cool & decided we should talk later because the caller visibly went from taking off their "civil ettiquite mask" to revealing their true volatile nature mid sentence.


I literally walked away from this situation, realizing that I'm wasting my time & life trying to reason with the caller, who just offered an olive branch that they wouldn't honor.


In the next instant I found myself physically restrained by the caller who had acted as the Judge, Jury, Executioner, and Law maker for the past 17 years of my life, so they could continue to berate me. The caller knew that I wouldn't fight or raise a hand against them & used information this their their advantage.

At this point this situation seemed so ridiculous I couldn’t see this as my realty anymore. The caller wanted to control everything & even bend reality to fit their story of how things should’ve went. The caller realized that they were in fact loosing control. Still keeping my cool, I witness the caller was becoming more & more unstable with every passing second. At that moment understood that my life was in grave danger. This had been what my gut had been sensing hours before.

Fight Mode:

From there on I acted out of self defense with a non lethal mindset to escape this restraint. Now in fight or flight mode we exchange harsh words that result into an ultimatum with the options of me leaving the house in 7 days & taking the car with me or having the police called after the caller explained how they brutally would murder me. I choose to leave with the car.

Flight Mode:

Hours passed & its midnight, still heated & in flight or fight I decide to leave that night with out a word. Making a vow upon the full moon to never come back to a place that would be my grave. I left with out a plan, taking all of my valued items that I could fit in the car I spent that night in my car. Excited to start a new journey of my life, not knowing whats ahead but determined to push forward. I took the first step in taking my power back......

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