Self Observations

I've been on the constant journey of self improvement through yoga since 2017. Yoga has many side effects such as gaining flexibility & strength, while one of the goals of yoga is to see "ones own nature", today I was able to observe that.

On my path of code of improvement I've made major changes to the way I live my life, such as becoming plant based, using a bicycle as my main mode of transportation, and making it a habit to practice yoga daily.

With the life style changes I have slowly introduced into my life, I like to reflect on where I was mentally.

Today I was leaving a class that I felt really great about teaching, when I got cut off in a cross walk buy a man in a car. He was trying to get to his destination faster than everyone else, and almost hit me, I got angry. So angry that I got calm, and started to make my way to a grocery store to that I could indulge my irritation in a sugar fix.

My sugar intake is not the greatest but I've been working in it, and today I got to observe when it comes out. Irritation, anger, when I let go of my inner peace & will power.

Telling my self that" I deserve this cereal bar for not getting hit", was just an excuse that I pathetically made up to feel better about going against my will.

Taking a few strolls around the store i began to breathe again & realize that I had stopped when I encountered the car earlier.

Mustering up alli of my will power and logic, I came to the decision that giving in to my sugar cravings would be worth it in the long run or the short run either.

This observation is a huge accomplishment on my path of self improvement. Although not physically visible, this is growth from breaking old habits through yoga.

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