Ten Shadows Technique : Max Elephant

Max Elephant or Banshō Is another dope ass shikigami to call upon. I love new hand seals. This reminds me in Assassins Creed 3 DLC Tyranny of King Washington, when Connor could shape shift. 🐺🐻🦅

How it works; Using the Ten Shadows Technique, the user lays one hand on top of the other and adjusts their fingers to create a shadow puppet of an elephant head. 🤌🏾✊🏾🐘

The Elephant is summoned from the user's shadow, just like the rest of the shikigami but it cost a lot of cursed energy to conjure when compared to other shikigami. 👤🦅🐍🐸🐇🐘

Max Elephant is capable of unleashing a massive amount of water from its trunk. It can also be used to crush its master's target with its weight. 🐘🌊

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