In 2018 I finally felt comfortable & confident enough to wear tank tops,( as you may see many pictures of me in a kombucha tank top).


When I went traveling in Nicaragua in Feb 2020,  the heat was intense & it required me to change up my wardrobe. Thus dawning the tank top again, but I wanted to get one that really expressed me & how I feel about life. So why not put my nindo on one? "As the mind. So the Body."


In my travels through out Nicaragua I made my way to the city of Leon & I met a man who made t-shirts from scratch. I had experienced extreme ups & downs with in a month of me being in Nicaragua but this was a peronal win for me.


So with that being said these are my Limited Edition " As the mind. So the Body." Tank Tops., cuz I could only carry so many in my suitcase & I was also working with a small budget at the time.


The design was inspired from going Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro & Naruto. On the back lies the Crest of Lord Yogkage, the Upright Endless Knot. 


You know how you can Identify The Uchiha clan or the Uzumaki clan from their clothing??? I hope you enjoy it & are excited to wear it as i was.

“As the mind. So the Body.” TankTop

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