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The third book in the Chakra Talk Series is Here! 


Chakra Talk: The Sweet Spot.. 


What you’ll receive by purchasing this illustrated ebook :



  • You’ll learn how to identify the blockages of the svadisthana chakra aka the sacral chakra, and begin to heal yourself from tramuatic events in life that may have cause these blockages. 



  • You will also learn how to reconnect back to your svadisthana chakra in a healthy way, by relearning healthy techniques to balalnce your chakra.


  • Lastly you'll learn in depth, the basic functions, purpose, & properties of the svadisthana chakra. By learning this chakra in depth you will be able to build a better life for yourself with unlimited creativity and pleasure..


  • As an added bonus in this 48 page guide, I have included techniques that I use when I feel off balance. These techniques are ways to build healthy habits that will transform your life from the inside out.


  • By the end of this guide you will have learned how to be your own healer by listening to, and observing your body, thoughts, and actions, without judgement. TAP INTO YOUR POWER TODAY! REBUILD YOUR LIFE.

Chakra Talk The Sweet Spot

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